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Wednesday Night Music Workshops are for awesome adults who are looking to develop and enhance their musical skills. Open to performers of all abilities, and YES, beginners are always welcome*. Join us for learning and laughs. 

Seriously, these workshops are FUN!

Workshops include all materials and refreshments and are held at the beautiful Erskine Presbyterian Church, 19 Pearl Street, North, Hamilton (Pearl & King) 

Sign up today - Spaces are limited and workshops fill up fast! 


I take advantage of every possible opportunity to attend a workshop hosted by Nikki and Shawn.
The sessions are always informative and include a “hands on” component which makes it easy to stay engaged.
I always come away with new and practical information which I can immediately put to use. ~ H. Heaver

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 7 to 9 PM


"It’s sad to say that most performers don’t actually know anything about microphones, or how they work, leading them to miss out on a ton of performance capital. Knowing just a few things about mics can make the difference between a savvy and comfortable performance, and an awkward, unprofessional one." ~ Michelle Markwart Deveaux

Join Shawn Trotter and Nikki Loney for a fun and interactive workshop all about microphones. This includes technical information and performance techniques to bring your next performance to the next level. Open to vocalists, speakers and instrumentalists. 

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018 7-9PM 

introduction to vocal improvisation 

with Nikki Loney

Being able to use the voice as a soloing instrument can seem somewhat terrifying. This is a fun and hands (voice) on workshop that will give you simple tools to explore the vocal line in new and fun ways. We will be looking at a simple jazz standard, exploring feel, movement, and basic scatting techniques. Perfect for solo or choral singers who are singing contemporary styles of music. Includes music and backing tracks for exploring at home! Beginners always welcome! 

Wednesday October 10th, 7:00 PM


with Shawn Trotter

Strumming chords is fun. But you know there is more you can do on this instrument. Time to level up! Join Shawn Trotter and dive into simple techniques that will enhance your playing and enjoyment of music.
* Participants must have basic guitar skills to enjoy this workshop. 



meditation and mindfulness for performers

With Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Steve Ferrell

Even the most seasoned performer can get trapped in negative thinking and sabotage their musical performance. If you are looking for simple and effective techniques to calm the negative self critic and enjoy your musical endeavors - this workshop is for you. 

Steve Ferrell is an experienced yoga and meditation teacher (and fellow musician) who has been helping people with a fun invitation to mindfulness for the performing artist. 

Wednesday october 24th 7:00 to 9:00 PM

introduction to the mandolin

Tired of the Guitar? Try the Mandolin! This is a hands on workshop for students who are brand new to this popular instrument. Workshop is 1.5 hours and includes all course materials. This is open to beginners of all abilities. (Some musical experience is an asset!)