Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 7-9 PM


With Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Steve Ferrell

Even the most seasoned performer can get trapped in negative thinking and sabotage their musical performance. If you are looking for simple and effective techniques to calm the negative self critic and enjoy your musical endeavors - this workshop is for you. 

Steve Ferrell is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher from Hamilton who will be introducing simple strategies to help you with:

  • Techniques to connect to the present moment (helping us with performance anxiety)
  • explore practices to enhance our ability to feel the body and the breath (allowing us to make better corrections with our voices and instruments)
  • discover ways to approach mindfulness every day. 

No equipment needed. Just bring an open mind! 


Participant Testimonials:

The music and meditation workshop brought home the integral connection between the mind, body and voice. I found the breathing exercises particularly helpful in refocusing my energy and reducing tension. What a great idea to apply mindfulness techniques to singing! ~ C. Hill

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