introduction to vocal improvisation

Wednesday, October 3rd. 2018 7-9 PM


Challenge: Most contemporary styles of music require the vocalist to play with the melody and rhythms. Whether you are crooning in a jazz ensemble, struggling with a scat section of your choral piece or belting it out in a contemporary band, learning to improvise can be intimidating. 

Solution: Join Vocalist and Vocal Coach, Nikki Loney for a simple and stress free approach to improvising with the voice. Find the freedom and fun in singing your own song! 

We will be looking at a simple jazz standard and working on feel, movement, creating melodic, rhythmic and simple scatting ideas. Simple exercises you can use right away with any genre of music. 

Materials: Participants will get sheet music and a backing track to continue working on their "solo".

About Nikki
Nikki Loney is a professional vocalist and vocal coach from Hamilton. She graduated from the Humber College Jazz Performance program (where she almost DIED the first time she had to improvise a solo! ) If you want to make sure she can sing, you can check out this video HERE

Will I have to sing a solo? No, some singing as a group, but no one will be singled out unless they volunteer. 

Do I have to Read Music? No, but you will be given sheet music to follow along with. 

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