Podcast Production Standard Package


Podcast Production Standard Package


Standard Podcast Package Details (For podcasts 30 minutes to 1 hour in length)

  • Corrective equalization to ensure the recording sounds the best it possibly can
  • Dynamic balancing to ensure volume levels and ranges are balanced throughout episode
  • Remove dead space at beginning and end of the recording
  • Standard editing: editing up to 3 requested spots in RAW audio
  • Background noise reduction to reduce any hisses, buzzes, or other distracting background noises that made it into the recording
  • Mix in a pre recorded intro and outro*
  • Raise or lower the overall level in requirement with audio broadcast standards
  • Optimize sound translation for playback on various playback systems
  • Convert recording to a high quality MP3 format to preserve quality and provide fast downloads for your listeners

*Submitted podcast episodes that are longer than One hour or have multiple tracks to edit will fall under Premium Pricing Package.

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