Podcast Services

Personalized, professional podcast services for entrepreneurs. I edit, mix, and master your podcast.
I can create unique, one of a kind music to make your podcast stand out from the pack. 


Feature 1

Your podcast connects YOU to your audience unlike any other form of content marketing. Make sure your podcast sounds impressive with professional music and editing. I can help you sound your best and handle all the production services to make it easy for you just to focus on your content.  

Podcast Production Standard Package

Standard Podcast Package Details (For podcasts 30 minutes to 1 hour in length)

  • Corrective equalization to ensure the recording sounds the best it possibly can
  • Dynamic balancing to ensure volume levels and ranges are balanced throughout episode
  • Remove dead space at beginning and end of the recording
  • Standard editing: editing up to 3 requested spots in RAW audio
  • Background noise reduction to reduce any hisses, buzzes, or other distracting background noises that made it into the recording
  • Mix in a pre recorded intro and outro*
  • Raise or lower the overall level in requirement with audio broadcast standards
  • Optimize sound translation for playback on various playback systems
  • Convert recording to a high quality MP3 format to preserve quality and provide fast downloads for your listeners

*Submitted podcast episodes that are longer than One hour or have multiple tracks to edit will fall under Premium Pricing Package.

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