Mandolin Workshops 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I don't own a mandolin; can I rent/borrow one?

A: Yes! If you need a mandolin, our good friends at Long & McQuade Burlington will help you out. Simply contact David Lindsay at: or: 905-319-3330 ex.123 and he will be more than happy to get a mandolin for you to use!


Q: I'm left-handed, should I try to play a right-handed instrument?

A: Unfortunately, the vast majority of mandolins produced are set up for right-handed people. Everyone is different, some can play right handed instruments no problem, but for others it simply won’t work. If at all possible, I suggest trying both, see which feels the most natural and go with that.

Left-handed versions of many mandolin brands are available, but it may require a special order at your local music shop. It is also possible for a repair person to easily convert an “A” style mandolin from right to left-handed. Please contact me if you need a reference.


Q: I have an old mandolin but I’m not sure if it’s fit to play?

A: If you have an instrument that has been sitting around for while, it more than likely needs a bit of T.L.C. It can be as simple having some new strings put on and a set-up. There are some great instrument repair persons in the area. If you are uncertain where to go, send me an email and I’ll steer you in the right direction.  


Q: I already play a stringed instrument, which class should I sign up for?

A: I highly recommend the Introductory class as the mandolin can be very different from the other stringed instruments. Experienced string players are often surprised at how tricky this little instrument can be!


Q: Do I need to be able to read music?

A: Being able to read music is definitely a plus, but not necessary.


Q: How big are the classes?

A: I like to keep the class size small, between 4-8 participants.


Q: People keep calling my mandolin a ukulele, what should I do?

A: Hmmm, it's up to you. Generally I try to avoid those types....